Thursday, 14 May 2015

Updated post:
Today's tip shows you how to make your own natural air freshener.

Creating your own organic, natural air freshener is easy and also fun. All you need is a small mist spray bottle, water and your favourite essential oils. And, perhaps, a little bit of magic to make a blend you'll be proud of.

I prefer to use boiled water, but if you don't, warm the bottle slightly before adding your oils as this helps dissipate them.

You   can use single oils, such as orange, lemongrass, blue spruce or pine, or lavender, or you can blend these according to the scent you like, oils to suit the season, and your own mood.

Fill the bottle with water, add the essential oils (no more than 20 drops, depending on the size of the bottle of course), and spray away.

Peppermint will help deodorise, eucalyptus will help with summer colds, lavender is a perfect all-rounder, and rose geranium is a good substitute for rose which costs more than gold these days. It's also a good balancing oil and especially liked by women.

The oils should not be sprayed directly onto wood or furniture - just use a bit of commonsense. The droplets will fall onto carpets and will help to refresh them. But for a really effective carpet cleaner, fill a bottle with a sprinkler top with bicarbonate of soda and add your essential oils, sprinkle on the carpet and then vacuum off after leaving for ten minutes for the oils and bicarb to do their work.

If you have pets or babies or are a smoker, you could always try our Stay Awake! organic essential oil blend to keep your living room smelling fresh and to give you that little bit of get-up-and-go for getting the household chores done.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

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We have been having some problems with our blog recently. We are trying to fix these, and hope you will bear with us.
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Thursday, 9 April 2015

So what’s wrong with fragrance oils?

Well, on the face of it, nothing, if you just want to make your home or workspace smell nice.

You can pick up a bottle of rose fragrance oil for a couple of pounds, add a few drops to your candle, light bulb ring or oil diffuser, and your room will be filled with - well, that depends on the price you pay, the brand, the ingenuity of the chemists to make up your synthetic fragrance oil that is supposed to smell like the real thing, in our example, a field full of roses.

Many people don’t realise that the term ‘fragrance oil’ means ‘synthetic oil’. Quality will vary tremendously and some will, indeed, fool your nose into thinking you’re smelling the real flower.

So if it’s smell you want, what’s wrong with that?

Many of the constituent chemicals used in fragrance oils are not exactly environmentally friendly. Added to that, some of the chemicals used may have harmful effects to your health. But I’m not going to scare you: You pays your money and makes your choice as they say.

But wait! “Does that mean there’s a better alternative?” you ask.

Yes indeed! The alternative is the real thing, from which all these imitation fragrance oils or their origins in the quest for capturing that perfect rose smell.

Essential oils are the true essence of the plant from which they are extracted. For essence substitute spirit or life force if you like that idea. But in any case, the volatile substances given off by plants in all their forms not only smell heavenly but have healing or other benefits too.

So what’s the catch?

Well, I think you’ve guessed it by now. The cost.

It takes about 1000 kg of rose petals to make a kilo of pure rose essential oil. Just think how many roses that means…

Even for lemons, it takes about 3000 lemons to produce a kilo of essential oil, so you may now begin to understand why candles, oil blends, reed diffusers and other home fragrancing products are so much more expensive.

But what are the known and reputed benefits of essential oils?

Well, to take the lemon first. Lemon juice is a lovely cleaning agent, and the essential oil is a powerful anti-oxidant which helps cleanse and stimulate the blood, as well as being useful for getting rid of too much oil in the skin. It is also an effective detoxifier for the body as a whole

As for the rose, it is not only healing for many bodily ailments but is a wonderful mood lifter and has been used for millennia as an aphrodisiac.

There’s one more factor to add to the cost of essential oils but which, too, has benefits. Much of the world’s production is now based on huge quantities to satisfy the demand from many industries, including food and flavourings. Intensive farming methods mean a high use of pesticides which can leave traces in the essential oils the consumer buys.

To be absolutely sure you are buying the purest essential oil possible, you have to buy organic. Much of this oil is produced on a smaller scale by companies with concerns about the long-term effects of intensive farming on the environment and the food chain. In my view, the extra cost for peace of mind is worth it.

Yes, there are fragrances you just can’t get from essential oils, like fresh-baked bread or apple pie; and there are some that are extremely expensive, like rose and vanilla. But I hope you now understand why the cheap bottle of fragrance oil on the shelf in the discount store or offered online is not actually quite what it seems.

All of our products on Essentially Natural use only the purest, organic essential oils so you can be sure you are buying the best available!Essentially Natural Essential Oils

Saturday, 4 April 2015

20% off for Easter Bank Holiday!

Keeping with our tradition, we're giving a fantastic 20% off over the Bank Holiday!

Ends Midnight Tuesday 7th April 2015.
Order now whilst stocks last.

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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Last orders for our Mother's Day Pampering Gift Box!

Only one day left to get that special gift for Mother’s Day!


Time is running short, but you can still get our wonderful new For Mum gift box if you don’t delay. Priced at £24.95 plus £3.30 P & P, this is great value as everything is totally pure and, of course, organic and fairly traded.


The box contains:


1 x 100ml Rose & Apricot Moisturiser


1 x 100ml Pampering Rose Bath & Massage Oil


1 x Rose & Cocoa Butter Soap (min. 140 g) (for sensitive skin and safe to use on the face too)


1 x 80ml Soy Rose & Geranium Tin Candle (approx. 23 hrs burn time)


1 x 5 Soy Heart Melts for use in oil vapouriser or to put in a drawer to keep clothes smelling fresh


All contained in a PET gift tray with transparent lid to make the perfect gift.


As you cannot buy this product directly from our website, to avoid disappointment please call Essentially Natural on 08000 664 916 or mobile 07976 761 208, or contact us by email at; on twitter at @e_nat, or via our FaceBook page


You can also find our Mother’s Day Pampering Gift Box on where you can pay directly by PayPal. Just look for dennisfreedman (all in lower case) to find our shop.


Please Note: We cannot guarantee delivery by Mother's Day for orders received after 12 pm on Thursday 12th March 2015.



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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Looking forward to Valentines Day

Newsletter 15 Jan 2014

Bigger, better value Candle Jars!

We have braved the weather and ventured into the workshop this week to start getting ready for Valentine's Day. Our new medium 'pure Distinction' soy candle jars are now even better value than before. With a burn time of approximately 50 hours, the jars contain 300g of soy wax as opposed to 195g. We have priced these at a suitable point as an affordable alternative to our Large 550g jars.

We already have the French Lavender and Rose and Geranium ready for you, and we will be offering the same range as for our Large jars. We are looking to increase the range if this size proves popular over the next few months.

Continuing the rose theme, our Rose and Cocoa Butter soap is so sensual that it makes a wonderful, pampering gift at any time of the year. But if you need these for Valentine's Day, as time is short we advise you to pre-order yours now to avoid disappointment if stocks run out. "Well, I was going to get you the rose soap, but they'd none left" would not lead to a romantic evening, even with our Rose and Geranium candles giving the room a warm, inviting glow.

And finally, to put the finishing touches to a romantic evening, why not buy some of our Soy Heart Melts as a safe, clean way of adding beautiful, natural fragrance to an oil vapouriser around the house? Our Rose and Geranium and Lavender are popular at this time of year, and our Orange and Lemongrass are great for lifting you out of the winter blues and cheering the house up!

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Friday, 19 December 2014

Christmas newsletter from essentially natural

Final Newsletter for 2014

You’ll be pleased to know that this is the last email you’ll be getting from us this year - unless, of course, you place an order with us. :-) Please do tell your friends about us and spread the word about the benefits of natural and organic products when you can. And please also try to give us feedback so we can improve. If you would like to submit a review but find it too time-consuming to do this on the website, just drop your feedback to us in an email or FaceBook message and we’ll do the rest.

Last-Minute Buys and Bargains

We still have some of our goodies for sale on the Virtual Craft Stall. Remember, these are only available by phone, email or FaceBook message. We have also just updated our stock on the website so you should not get any surprises of out-of-stock items if you order. We cannot guarantee, though, that anything ordered after Saturday morning (20th December) will reach you in time for Christmas.

Christmas Closing

We will still be able to deliver locally until Tuesday 23rd December but will be closed after this date until Monday 5th January 2015. Anything you order over the Christmas and New Year period will not go out to you before Monday, 5th January.

Thoughts for the coming year

This time last year we were seriously wondering whether we could continue. Well, we seem to have turned the corner of recession to we won’t be going away in the near future. We will, however, have to rethink our pricing over the next month or two as many of our raw materials have increased in price dramatically. Our Virtual Craft Fair Stall has provided some interesting results and has done wonders for our FaceBook page. Many of you like the idea of good quality fragrances so long as they’re produced on an organic base, so we may continue this idea next year. We are also aware that our website needs a good makeover and we hope to be able to do this as soon as possible.

Best Wishes to you all

And finally, thanks to all of you who have supported us during the last year. Have a peaceful break over the Christmas and New Year and enjoy the gifts you have received from others or the treats you have deservedly earned yourself. With best wishes from us all at Essentially Natural. Dennis.