Thursday, 14 August 2014

30% off August Sale!

30% off August sale!

This is a slightly extended version of our latest blog post.

You may have read earlier that our order emails are working properly again and wondered what this was all about. Lots of things went wrong when we recently upgraded our website, and there are still a few problems that need ironing out. For instance, the pounds sign doesn't show up properly, our affiliates are not able to log in, our offsite newsletter isn't working correctly and customers can't redeem their bonus points. But, at least, when they order something, they receive an email to tell them their order has been placed; is being processed; and has been completed (i.e. dispatched).

As we continue to fix our website problems, we're very aware that the traditional summer holiday period in August is one where people start to think about stocking up for the autumn and, dare I say, for Christmas. And we've always had a sale over the end of August Bank Holiday. (I think there should be two in August, one at the beginning and one at the end, don't you?)

So, to help you all, and to help us catch up with some of you who may have been reluctant to place orders while we had problems with our website, we're putting a 30 % off everything sale on from now until the end of August.

So why not order something for those dark, gloomy nights ahead, or to save you running out to the shops in the rain, or even to have in for a Christmas present for a loved one?

Or, better still, why not just treat yourself to a pampering gift while the price is right?

Please keep up-to-date with us as we continue to get the website back up to speed, but be assured that our products are as good as ever and our ordering system is now working as it should.

Enjoy the rest of the sunshine while you can!

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Problems with some orders

Some customers may be experiencing difficulties placing orders online at the moment. If your order does not go through it is flagged up on our system as incomplete and we will contact you.


We are attempting to fix the problem and ask you to bear with us.


Thank you for your understanding.


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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Celebrate the commonwealth games

Celebrate the Commonwealth Games with us!

With the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow starting tonight, it looks as if we’re in for another glamourous opening ceremony as well as some major athletic feats. The venue of course has significance this year as we’re all focused on how Scotland will vote on independence.

Not all of us will be glued to the TV for all the events, of course, but I bet most of us will have a few drinks over the next ten days to celebrate either the opening ceremony, the games themselves, our favourite athlete or just the glorious summer we’re experiencing at the moment.

So how can we at [Essentially Natural] ( help?

Well, if you do have a wee drop too many of the hard stuff, then we can offer something that will help you get through the next day (in addition of course to your own hangover remedy of a full fry-up, raw egg, hair of the dog or whatever takes your fancy).

We’ll give you one of our Hangover Eye Pillows free with your order over the next ten days while stocks last.

What’s an eye pillow, you ask? It’s a little bag, filled with linseeds and full of organic essential oils that you pop in the freezer for an hour or two and then place over your eyes. Lie down or sit back comfortably, close your eyes and let the coolness of the linseeds and the freshness of the essential oils do their work.

Better than a pack of frozen peas or similar for that aching head, I guarantee, and as you breathe in the fragrance of the oils your whole body will relax and your breathing will slow.

So that’s our contribution to the Commonwealth Games.

I’d better get on with work and take the dogs out so I don’t have to work this evening and can watch the opening ceremony!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Darn those bugs!

Insect Repellent Soap selling fast!

We’re experiencing hotter days than usual but, at least where we are, the high humidity means that our little buggy friends seem to bite us more as we perspire in the heat. Our 100% organic insect repellent soap is selling fast, as also are our citronella products. To use the soap, just wash in the normal way (face, forehead, neck, arms, etc.) and lightly rinse so the citronella and lavender oils can do their work. If you do get bitten, try a few drops of vinegar, or, if you have them, make up a massage oil with a couple of drops of clove, lemon and chamomile in your favourite carrier oil such as sweet almond, jojoba or even olive or sesame if you have nothing else. Use a few drops of chamomile in the carrier oil on its own if you like, but never use any essential oils directly on the skin. Lavender is an exception with care, but certainly do not use clove or lemon as these are irritants. Always only use a drop or two of any essential oils per 100ml, and apply very sparingly.

SSL security glitch now sorted!

SSL security glitch now sorted! It came to our attention recently that our SSL security for payments etc had disappeared. This has, fortunately, now been fixed so you can order with confidence that your personal and payment data are once again secure.

Apparently the SSL service became broken when our host provider upgraded their servers. we will keep an eye on this in the future in case we do not receive an alert. Once bitten, twice shy as they say! We thank our customers for continuing to order via the telephone during this period.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Free shipping over £50 is back!

Free Shipping for UK orders over £50 is back!

We're pleased to let you all know that our Free Shipping on orders over £50.00 is back. This applies to any orders to be delivered to  a UK address, so it's a great way for those of you with family or friends living in the UK to save on shipping!


So, if you live in the UK or have a friend or relative you wish to buy for in the UK, this applies to you!


The order will be shipped by UK Courier so will take a little longer than by Royal Mail. But if you need to get your gift there fast, you still have the option of delivering by First Class Royal Mail  - the choice is yours!


(Please Note:  Cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts or offers. Applies to UK deliveries only).


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Untitled 1 Bastille Day

Well, with all the excitement of the World Cup now over, it’s easy to forget that today, le quatorze Juillet, or Bastille Day as we call it, is a celebration of all things French. And what better way to celebrate than with the best known of French flowers – Lavender. Our 100% organic French lavender soap is something that, once you smell it, you will never want to be with out. Made from the purist organic virgin olive oil you can by and with the addition of French lavender flowers grown in our own garden, it just can’t be beat. But if a soap doesn’t grab you, how about buying some of the organic French lavender essential oil itself. It has many uses, not just to make things smell nice, but even in cooking! It is a great insect deterrent (especially for flies), is wonderful for preventing blisters on burns and is in my view the most useful of all the essential oils to have around the house or workplace for healing. At only £3.50 for 10ml it’s great value. We don’t always see eye to eye with the French, but about lavender I can truly say ”Vive la France!” over a glass of red or white tonight and count my blessings for the oil that has given our business the greatest pleasure imaginable, from growing to making products and in daily use.